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Color for practice 10 ml

Color for practice 10 ml is formula intended exclusively for practice. WARNING: DO NOT USE ON SKIN!!!
€10,00 exkl moms €5,00 exkl moms


DeColors - Dark Choco Permanent MakeUp- Machine & Microblading Pigment Almost black this is our favorite color for Eyebrows & Eyeliner. 10ml
€40,00 exkl moms €14,90 exkl moms


Espresso is the lightest color and it is used for extremely light skin and eyebrows. 100% VEGAN. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS HIGHLY PIGMENTED COLORS
€40,00 exkl moms €15,90 exkl moms

LADY 10ml

De Colors - Lady Beautiful color for light brown hair. Permanent MakeUp - Machine & Microblading Pigment 10ml 100% VEGAN NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS HIGHLY PIGMENTED COLOURS
€39,00 exkl moms €14,90 exkl moms

Microblading U 18 Blades

This fine Microblading blade is perfect for drawing curvy hairs. VERY POPULAR Sterilized by EO Gas. Disposable(for single use only) . ISO9002 and CE marked. Fully disposable accessories provide hygienic environment and safe application. Single use only
€1,00 exkl moms €0,50 exkl moms

PINK 10ml

€40,00 exkl moms €14,90 exkl moms

Professional Machine

3D Professional Machine can be used for PMU, BB Glow and face treatment-Microneedling. Wireless rechargeable Machine, with long lasting battery. Beautiful design and light weight perfect and comfortable for use. The best machine for Powder & Combo brows. Warranty 1 year
€300,00 exkl moms €250,00 exkl moms